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Factory Consultants to the Rescue

If you need control system, automation or robotics help in the Bakersfield area, we should be your first choice.  We are local, so Factory Consultants can offer some of the most responsive and reasonably priced on factory automation system work in all of Kern County. Our programming experience allows us to handle almost any industrial process control scenario whether your need is for development, maintenance or repair. 

Intuitive, simple interfaces are crucial to safe, effective and consistent operation of your processes.  Critical systems require critical minds. We look at every aspect of your process attempting to program for all contingencies.  The operators need a simple interface with limited access of control process based on employee authorization level and other factors help to keep your facility safe and operating reliably. 

Emergency Call-Out Service

Do you need to get your process back up and running now?  Try our emergency call-out service to get your mission critical processes back online. 

Our PLC, HMI and OIT Technologies

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC): Rockwell, Koyo, G.E., Modicon, I.S.A.C., ScadaPack, Rugid.
Human Machine Interface (HMI): Wonderware, Inductive Automation, RS View, I.S.A.C. Intellution. 
Operator Interface (OIT): Rockwell, Magellan, C-more, Siemens, Maple Systems, PanelView Plus.

We Deliver Quality Top Tier Work to these and more Kern County Industies

Oil Field Sector

As far back as the 1890s, when oil resources were first discovered in the western area of Kern County, the oil industry has been a major player.   This trend continues today as per a 2014 report by DOGGR, Kern County is the most productive oil and gas county in America. The report shows 10% of the nation’s total oil production with figures of 145 million bbl. of oil and 132 billion CF of natural gas. 


Kern County, the San Joaquin Valley and the greater Bakersfield area have long been known for superior agricultural production. Some of the most popular crops are almonds, grapes, lemons, oranges, carrots and alfalfa.  Other non-consumable crops include cotton and roses.  Many corporate headquarters for these industries is resident in the region.

Manufacturing in Bakersfield

The manufacturing sector is significate and growing in the greater Kern County and Bakersfield area. New factories are springing up throughout the area. Numerous big-name companies have either moved to or are making plans to relocate to the area.  Factors such as affordable land and low building costs, along with a favorable geographical location to the ports of Los Angeles and Oakland contribute to this trend. 

Large Scale Solar Power

Regulus Solar Project – A solar power plant in Lamont by SunEdison produces enough power to supply approximately 25,000 homes.  This 60-megawatt $300 million project encompasses 660 acres of photovoltaic cells. Southern California Edison is contracted to purchase the power for 20 years. Google partnered with this project investing $145 million towards the construction of this plant. SunEdison operates a total of 3 solar plants in Kern County producing a total of 100 megawatts.

Beacon Solar – At California City in the eastern reaches of Kern County, on otherwise barren desert land, sPower has built a $434 million, three-phase solar plant designated as the Beacon Solar Project. This project generates 182 megawatts of renewable energy for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. 

Solar Star – A project built by solar panel maker SunPower and owned by BHE Renewables, (a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy) encompasses 3,200 acres of desert land in the Rosemond Ca area of Kern County.  At the time of completion in 2015, it was the largest PV power plant in the world.  Here 1.7 million crystalline silicon panels line the landscape.  This is a very large plant producing 579-megawatts with enough equivalent energy to power 255,000 average California homes.

Belridge Solar – Sitting 35 miles west of Bakersfield, the Belridge Solar Project is the largest in Kern county and the state to date.  To be built by Aera Energy and GlassPoint Solar, this behemoth weighing in at 850 megawatts. It rivals some of the largest solar plants in the entire country.  Scheduled to be built in 2019, the captured solar energy will partly provide power Aera Energy’s oil wells for extraction of thick, heavy crude oil.   The process known as thermal enhanced oil recovery uses steam injection to bring the oil to the surface. This solar power plant expected

Additional Solar Projects – These are only a few of the large-scale solar projects currently resident in Kern County. There are many additional smaller plants and other projects in the planning and approval stages.

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