Factory Experts

A Consortium of Industrial Automation Consultants Empowered with a Diverse Knowledge Base –  Maintaining a Focus on Complex Industrial Production and Factory Process Control Systems

Factory Consultants system integrator professionals have extensive experience in all aspects of industrial process automation systems and engineering.  These include but are not limited to hardware, controls, sensors, communications, software, human machine interfaces (HMI), programmable logic controllers (PLC), and a wide variety of programming languages.

solar panel process control systems

A Diverse Spectrum of Industries

We have developed and maintained industrial automation machinery, products, and programmed systems for clients from diverse industries, including SCADA systems, semiconductor and wafer automation, food process control systems, thin film solar panel manufacturing, and warehouse automation systems.  Our experience in plant engineering for a wide range of industries sets us apart from the rest of the automation companies and enables us to handle virtually any system in any industry.

Our multi-talented group can accomplish the most effective implementation of the latest technology. Factory Consultants competitive marketplace and our desire to save/reduce labor cost drives us in the effective implementation of the most technologically advanced systems available at highly competitive prices.

Industrial Automation Specialists